These are my musical devices, my music is born from here

Yamaha CS2x The first synth I used. I love it for it’s good quality synthetic sounds.
m-audio Axiom49 A versatile USB masterkeyboard, connected to my linuxbox make me able to control lots of parameters in PureData.
Linux-Box An AMD Turion 64×2 notebook with Linux Ubuntustudio 7.10 and 2,5 Gb of RAM. Ubuntustudio gives me the reliability that I need for live Performances.
Behringer Virtualizer and Modulizer Even if they are entry-level DSPs, I love them for their Chorus and Reverb Algorythms.
EMU PROteus/1 An old EMU sound module with orchestral sounds.
Fatar Studio 900 A well-known weighted italian masterkeyboard. I used it connected with PROteus/1 or Axiom.
Arduino Diecimila The unique open-hardware open-software platform in the world. It gives me many analog and digital Input/Output ports.

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